(5 PACKETS) Roundup Quick Pro, 5- 1.5 oz Packs, Makes 5 Gallons, 73.3 Glyphosate

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Roundup Quick Pro, 5- 1.5 oz. Packs, Makes 5 Gallons, 73.3% Glyphosate
Roundup Quickpro Weed Killer

Includes 5 packs of Concentrate Which Will Make 5 Gallons of Weed Killer

Each Pack is 1.5 Ounces and Each Pack will Make 1 Gallon of Weed Killer

Kills Weeds in 24 Hours

Strong Concentrate of Glyphosate at 73.3%

Fast Acting, Non-Selective Professional Herbicide, For Use in NON-CROP AREAS

Always Read Pesticide Labels and Use Accordingly, it is Against Federal Law to Use This Product Inconsistent with its Labeling