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72LPX93CQ ECHO 27" Chainsaw Chain CS-600p CS-680p CS-800P

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Genuine Echo Chainsaw Chain

Part 72LPX93CQ   (SAW CHAIN - 27")

Where Used:
· CS-600P S/N: C22312001001 - C22312999999-->Chain, Guide Bar
· CS-600P S/N: C22413001001 - C22413999999-->Chain, Guide Bar
· CS-620P S/N: C26712001001 - C26712999999-->Guide Bar, Sawing Chain, Kick Guard
· CS-620P S/N: C26813001001 - C26813999999-->Guide Bar, Sawing Chain, Kick Guard
· CS-620P S/N: C69215001001 - C69215999999-->Chain, Guide Bar
· CS-620PW S/N: C26912001001 - C26912999999-->Guide Bar, Sawing Chain, Kick Guard
· CS-620PW S/N: C27013001001 - C27013999999-->Guide Bar, Sawing Chain, Kick Guard
· CS-620PW S/N: C69315001001 - C69315999999-->Chain, Guide Bar
· CS-680 S/N: C68615001001 - C68615999999-->Chain, Guide Bar
· CS-8000 S/N: 001001 - 999999 Type1-E-->Chain, Guide Bar
· CS-8000 S/N: 03001001 - 03999999-->Chain, Guide Bar
· CS-8000 S/N: C48003001001 - C48003999999-->Chain, Guide Bar
· CS-800P S/N: C30812001001-C30812999999-->Chain, Guide Bar
· CS-800P S/N: C30913001001-C30913999999-->Chain, Guide Bar
· CS-800P S/N: C68715001001 - C68715999999-->Chain, Guide BarProduct Details
Chain Pitch: 3/8 in.
Gauge: .050
Gauge: .050 in.
Chainsaw Part/Accessory Type: Chainsaw Chain
Fits Models: Current Models: CS-590/CS-620P/CS-620PW/CS-680/CS-800P Older Models: CS-600P/CS-670/CS-8000
Features: Rust Resistant
Returnable: 180-Day
Fits Brands: ECHO
Drive Links: 93
Used with Equipment Type: Chainsaw
Compatible with 27D0PS3893C ECHO guide bar for the CS-620P, CS-620PW, CS-680 and CS-800P
Standard chisel cutters with extra chome layers for tough cutting environments
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Standard sequence cutting type
Top plate filing indicators make sharpening easier