Husqvarna Genuine 18" Bar Chain Combo 430 435 440 445 more SP33G X-cut

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Genuine Husqvarna 18" Bar and Chain

Parts 596199772  Bar + 581643672 Chain

18" Roller tip bar and X-Cut chain

Bar part # 596199772  585943272 replaces 508926172

Chain part # 581643672 .325 pitch 50 gauge 72 drive links

Fits 435 440 440E 450
Husqvarna X-CUT is designed to cut faster and smoother than comparable products. It has a low-vibration pixel, saws narrow incisions and requires less power from the chainsaw. The design of the cutter link, the materials and the manufacturing process have been fine tuned to give the chain an excellent, long-lasting sharpness. The chain is pre-stretched in the factory so the user can work longer before it needs to be adjusted. The precisely balanced combination of design, materials and processes has resulted in excellent durability and less wear on the saw, resulting in lower service needs
Top-quality chains require precision, speed and control of production, and the manufacturing process is complex. It requires deep knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment and quality procedures. To meet these needs, Husqvarna has built a new chain factory strategically located beside its original chainsaw factory in Huskvarna, Sweden. The new facility is top-of-the-line when it comes to environmental considerations. A closed system, that is, a system with no emissions to water, has been installed. Thanks to this and other environmental initiatives, total emissions have been reduced. Husqvarna X-CUT is just the first in a line of saw chains that Husqvarna will introduce as the division continues to optimize the cutting experience for users