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Portable Winch Kit PCW4000-FK

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A very popular choice for woodlot owners and occasional loggers, the PCW4000-FK kit includes the PCW4000 winch and accessories adapted to extract logs. It includes the skidding cone (PCA-1290), which prevents logs from getting stuck in roots, stumps and other obstacles. The 10 mm x 50 m rope allows you to reach trees where they are. As for the single pulley, it will be useful to deviate the load or to double the pulling force if need be. Combined with the 1,000-kg power offered by the winch PCW4000, you will obtain 2,000 kg of force!

NEW FEATURE – Quick release automatic Anti Roll-Back Mechanism (ARM). As soon as you pull the rope that goes through the ARM, the centrifugal clutch activates and the winch begins to pull. As soon as the rope is released, the drum stops rotating and the automatic mechanism does its job by holding the load in position! Disengage the rope in one simple movement! Nothing’s easier.

Motor/Engine Honda GX50 4-stroke - 360° inclinable
1.47 kW - 2.0 HP @ 7000 tr/min

Weight: 26.5lbs

Warranty: 5 year Residential / 1 year Commercial