Stens Oil Filter, Stens #120-736 Fits Vermeer VR465D Fits Bobcat, Cat and more!!

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Stens Oil Filter

Fits Vermeer VR465D 

Stens #120-736

John Deere TY9425E, John Deere TY9425, John Deere 1851658, Allis Chalmers 237000, Allis Chalmers 4511629, Allis Chalmers 70237000, Case A146696, Case A33487, Case A37189, Case E36534, Case G45210, Case G45306, Caterpillar 31-4361, Caterpillar 329060, Caterpillar 36-4464, Kubota 15402-32091, Kubota 70000-32090, Kubota 70000-14689, New Holland 500462, Ariens 89333, Clark Equipment 990937, Clark Equipment 945928, Clark Equipment 899839, Clark Equipment 3981923, Clark Equipment 2334729, Clark Equipment 162709, Ditchwitch 155966, Gravely L857, Massey Ferguson 244427-M1, Massey Ferguson 1900365-M91, Onan 122-P193, Onan 122-B193, Onan 122-0193, Volvo 835779, Volvo 7950975, White 674351-A, White 40-0000407, White 360312-00, White 35A-5533, White 35A-5532, White 2-7088230, White 159045-AS, White 159045-A, White 155513-A, Vermeer VR465D, Kubota 15402-32430, New Holland 86546614, NGK B2

Baldwin B2, Champ Labs PH8A, Wix 51515, Napa 1515, Napa Gold 1515, Carquest 85775, Carquest 85525, Carquest 85515MP, Carquest 85515, Donaldson P779198, Donaldson P779126, Donaldson P550008, Donaldson P168004, Fleetguard LF551A, Fleetguard LF3530, Fleetguard LF3353, Fleetguard LF3313, Fram PH3381

Bobcat 265 Skid Steer Loader; Case 430CK (w/Diesel eng.), 480B (Diesel and Gas), 480C (w/Diesel eng.), 480CK (w/G148B or w/G188D eng.), 480D, 480LL (w/Case G188D eng.), 500LK (w/Diesel eng.), 530 Series (w/Diesel eng.), 530CK (w/Diesel eng.), 580, 580B, 580CK (w/G159 Gas eng.), 580B, 580CK (w/G188D Diesel eng.), 580C, 580D, 580 Super D (w/Case G207D eng.), 680B (w/Diesel eng.), 680C Diesel, 680E (w/Diesel eng.), 780CK (w/336 eng.) Backhoe Loaders, P-336, P50, T-336, TB-336 (w/336 eng.), T-50, TB-50 Concrete Pumps, 310D, 310E, 310F, 310G, 350, 350B, 420C, 450 (w/207 Engine), 450B, 455B, 850 (S/N 7073469-7076500) Crawler Dozers, 880, 880B Excavators, 584, 585, 586 C & D Series Lift Trucks, 1737, 1737S (w/Gas eng.), 1740 (w/Diesel eng.), 1835 (w/Diesel eng.), 1835 (w/Gas eng.), 1835B (w/Diesel and Gas eng.), 1835C (w/Continental Diesel and Gas eng.), 1845 (w/Diesel and Gas eng.), 1845B (w/Diesel and Gas eng.) Skid Steer Loaders, 300C, 400C, 600, 800, 825 Skidders, 300, 300B (w/Case G148B eng.), 400 diesel (w/G188D eng.), 420C (w/gas eng.), 430 (w/G148B, w/G188 or w/G188D eng.), 470 (w/G148 or G188D eng.), 530 Diesel (w/G188D eng.), 530, 531 (w/G159 eng.), 570, 611 (w/G188 eng.), 630, 630C (w/G188 eng.), 630, 631 Diesel (w/G188D eng.), 770 (w/A251 eng.), 830, 841 (w/A284 eng.), 870 (w/301 gas eng.), 870 Diesel (w/336BD eng.), 970 (w/401BD or w/A377D eng.) Tractors, W-10E, W-11 (w/G207D eng.), W-14, W-14H, W-3D (w/G188D eng.), W-3G (w/G159 eng.), W-4 (w/Case 207 eng.), W-5A (w/G188D eng.), W-7, W-7C, W-7D, W-7E, W-7G, W-8E, W-9E Wheel Loaders; Caterpillar T25 Thru TC30, T30, T40, T50, T60, T30B, T35B, T40B, T45B, T50B, T60B, T30C thru TC60C, T60B, T60C, V30 thru V60, V30B thru V60B, V30C thru V80C, V60D thru V80D, V60E thru V90E Lift Trucks; CLARK EQUIPMENT 235, F235, FY235, Y235, 355, H355, HY355, Y355, H355D, HY355D, Y355D, H355PD, HY355P, 685, H685, H685D, HY685, Y685, 915; H915; HY1015, 1245D, 1425, 1625, 1830, 1830D, 2030, 2030D, 2030DP; Y1015, 1015D, C-500, GPX30, GPX40, GPX50 Lift Trucks, C440B Loaders; Ditchwitch R65 (w/Ford 192DF Diesel eng.); Genie 540, 560, 565 (w/Ford LRG425 eng.), GS4390RT, GS5390RT (w/Ford LRG425 eng.), Z60 (w/Ford LRG425 eng.); JLG 25MS (Scissor Lift), 25RTS (Scissor Lift), 33RTS (Scissor Lift), 40TRS (Scissor Lift), 450A Series II (Boom Lift), 450AJ Series II (Boom Lift), 600A, 600AJ, 600S, 600SJ, 660SJ, 800A, 800AJ, 800S, 800SJ; John Deere F910 Front Mower, F930 Front Mower, 1050, 850 Compact Diesel, 950 Compact Diesel,; Kohler Fast Response 100RZ, 20RZ, 33RZ, 45RZ, 50RZ, 60RZ, 70RZ, 80RZ Generators; Kubota KH10, KH170L, KH18, KH18L, KH191, KH28, KH28L, KX121-3 Series (S/N 20000 - 29999), KX121-3S Super Series (S/N 30000 - 69999), KX121-3ST Super Series (From S/N 70000), KX161-3 Series (S/N 20000 - 29999), KX161-3S Super Series (S/N 30000 - 69999), KX161-3ST Super Series (From S/N 70000), U45S Super Series (S/N 30000 - 69999), U45ST Super Series (From S/N 70000), GV3240, GV3240SW, GV3250QSW, KJT270FSW, KJT270FXSW, R520, R520BH, R520S, M4030SU, M4950, M4950DT, M4950DTS, M4950S, M5030DTL, M5030L, M5030MDT, M5030MDTL, M5030MF, M5030SU, M5030SUMDT; Massey Ferguson 450, 450S Excavator (w/Perkins A6.354 eng.), 139, 139A, 142 Mk II, 142A Mk II (w/Eicher EDK 3 eng.); New Holland L454 (w/Cont. eng.), L554 (w/Cont. eng.), L783 (w/Ford Diesel eng.), L785 (w/Ford Diesel eng.) Skid Steer Loaders, 3930 (1998-99), 4130, 4630 (1994-99) Tractors; Onan DJA, DJB, DJBA, DJC, DJE, DMDJC, EF, JB, JC, LRDJC, LRDJX, MDJA, MDJB, MDJC, MJA, MJB, MJC, RDJC, RDJF, RJC; Skyjack SJB40TB,SJB46TB (w/Ford LRG425 engine), SJB46TK (w/Ford LRG413 engine), SJB60TB,SJB65TB (w/Ford LRG425 engine), SJB66TK (w/Ford LRG423 engine), SKJB40F,SKJB40RT,SKJB40D (w/FordVSG413 engine); Vermeer 1600 Chipper (w/Ford 300 gasoline eng.), SP-24 Plow, T-600A Trencher (w/Ford 240 eng.), T-600C (w/Ford 240 gas eng.); Yanmar YM122, YM135, YM135D, YM140, YM140D, YM140R, YM146, YM147, YM147D, YM155, YM155D, YM165D

Anti-drain, Thread: 3/4 "-16, Height: 4 1/2 ", Micron: 20, OD: 3 9/16 ", Pressure relief, Made in USA

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